For the individual looking to gain invaluable and on-site animal husbandry experience, you are in the right place - please keep reading!

We host a very successful program for Interns who join our program from all over the world. Each intern that applies has different prerequisites that are often dependent on which College, University or personal gain. For that reason, we do not put out fixed rules and information as each internship is crafted to suit your needs.

Since our Intern program is specially catered towards your requirements and also booked up well in advance, it is advisable to book as soon as you know your approximate dates. It is also important to note that the rates for our interns are as per our standard rates with a minimal surcharge of 15%.

There are mostly two types of Interns who join our program:

  • Those who simply want to shadow and work with our curators on a day to day basis with the various animals
  • Those who require specific research topics and/or specific assignments. Should this be you, please communicate your assignment requests to us in advance for approval.

Interns assist in taking care of all our resident animals. This includes feeding, animal training, enrichment and cleaning up after them. You will help ensure the enclosures are clean, well maintained, and that all animal needs are tended to. When any medical procedures are done, interns are always included, and our on-call vet will be sure to teach you all you can think to ask!

Interns typically work Mondays to Fridays, from 08:00- 16:30, with breaks for meals.

An intern will shadow our animal curators for three days of the week, being exposed to the dedicated care of each species-specific professional. The other two days they will partake in the daily volunteer program to assist us in accomplishing the best possible care and environments for our animals. Schedules can vary depending on the hours required by your degree program – but requirements must be communicated ahead of arrival.

Please note:

  • We do not have an on-site veterinarian; however, our on-call veterinarian has enabled past university students to shadow him during surgery and procedures. Should there be medical procedures, our on-call vet will be sure to teach you all you can think to ask!
  • The majority of your work on this internship revolves around caring for our resident animals. When any medical procedures are required on-site, interns are always included. Kindly note that this is reliant on safety and space requirements.
  • Depending on your requirements, we will arrange your program for you specifically. Therefore, before we confirm your placement with us, we would need to know exactly what your specific requirements are. (any assignment would obviously also depend on which animals are available at the time of your internship).
  • Interns working towards accumulating specific hours should note that all 5 days of work will count towards your total.

We look forward to being part of you animal-training journey, and hope that the time you spend with us, sets you on a life-time of animal care and conservation!